Washington: Land of Waterfalls, Mountains & Memories

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My trip to Washington with Brooke was similar to my trip to Maine, except on a much larger scale. Washington state is home to three National Parks: Olympic, Rainier & North Cascades. The beauty of each and what you’re looking for depends on when you go. Brooke & I went to see waterfalls and beaches. While mountain views were occasionally great, sometimes the cloudy weather got in the way. For impressive waterfalls go in May. For awesome mountain views I’d recommend August. North Cascades and Rainier had some amazing mountain views and those you could see within a day. Olympic however was much larger. It had mountain ranges, beaches, waterfalls, rain forests and hot springs. Seattle was awesome too. The locals were friendly, the salmon and chowder was great, and the winery tour at Chatteau Ste Michelle was one of my favorites. Also, Mount Saint Helens is definitely a spot you can’t miss. Once you visit the Northwest, it’ll be hard not to come back.









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