Lobster rolls in Maine

Acadia National Park & the state of Maine’s beauty lies within its variety. From delicious and inexpensive seafood (lobster rolls & haddock chowder), to beaches, light houses, friendly people, humpback whales and adventurous “mountain” hiking, I felt as if I traveled to a state that’s a blown up version of door county and devils lake on steroids.

Top of the North Bubble Mountain, 872′. Favorite moment of the whole trip. Great spot to soak it all in.

As for the whole “Mountain” thing, obviously these aren’t as impressive as the mountains out west. However their beauty lies in something different. Maybe it’s the ability to easily summit any of these or the variety of views between them. Every single hike to the summit of any mountain in Acadia was well worth it.

Rock I couldn’t push off the South Bubble Mountain.

Lighthouse in Portland, Maine. My favorite of the whole trip.


Pretty good spot for some lobster rolls.


Best lobster roll of the whole trip!


Eventide’s food was great, however could have been bigger.


Robert’s Maine Grill and Market was another good stop.


Top of Cadillac Mountain. Great view, however a lot of weirdos.

And here they are.

On my way up to the top of Penobscot Mountain. A wonderfully rewarding hike.

The otter cliffs with overcrowded sand beach in the background. Pictures can’t do this spot any justice.

Beautiful humpback whale I spotted.

The trails offer as much beauty as the destinations. Stop and look around once in a while. Take a few deep breathes and soak in all that nature has to offer.

A small secluded pond I spotted from the top of Penobscot Mountain. Took a dip and a swim. So incredibly peaceful.

Southwest Harbor in the morning.

Schoodic Peninsula… Well worth the drive. Stomping grounds for puffins if you go at the right time of year.

The climb up Beehive Mountain. Because it’s not a trip for Tony unless I do something dangerously fun.

Thanks for the meal Pinchy. Wasn’t easy cooking my first lobster pet. Once I took a bite it was too delicious to resist. Get these guys for $5. Bring water, salt water from the ocean if you can, to a boil and drop one of these bad boys in from 12-15 minutes depending on the size. Warning: Super addicting.


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